The Re-Naming of Marcus Anthony James, 1st Draft
I know, I know. You’re wondering why this is important, the naming of a child. What significance does a name have, anyway?

Names are powerful in their own right. You wouldn’t dare name a child after someone such as me, Loki, the God of Lies, as most of you humans like to claim for me. Many of you even hesitate on names like Damien and Lucifer for all of their so-called evil connotations. After all, the mocking that would ensue, the trouble you fear such a child might cause . . . No. You put more effort into names than what you realize.

And never forget this, either. Imagine yourself working in one of your local convenience stores, and you are the only one there. It’s well after midnight and someone walks in and you’re suddenly nervous, on edge due to this person’s vibes, if you will. The person then smiles and proceeds to greet you by name when you have never met this person before but you have oh so foolishly worn your nametag. That person now has power over you, trying to create a sense of familiarity and putting your life in danger.

However, I digress. I’m not here to talk about you and the power your name has over you. Rather, this is about Marcus Anthony James, that poor child.

Who is Marcus Anthony James, you ask? And why am I, the God of Lies so interested in him? Well, you see, I’ve been given a very specific task by Odin, one of which I’m not about to tell the likes of you. That is between the two of us. However, I can tell you that part of this task is seeking out the children born to the Gods of Asgard.

What? You weren’t expecting that? Well, you should have! We still exist. Ragnarok has not come upon us. Yet.

Anyway, yes. We still exist, and many of the Aesir and Vanir like to, ah, how shall I say, mingle with the mortals. They can’t help themselves, really. There are just so many qualities about mortals we find so endearing and attractive. If not for my wife, I most assuredly would dallying as well.

Again, I digress. I’m here because of Marcus . . . what? Is Marcus my child? Silly mortal, no! As much as I wish I could say he is, he is not. As I said before, I am most loyal to my wife, despite what your so-called myths might say about me. Rather, Marcus is the child of another. I was sent here to find out who the lucky father is, but there is something most strange in the air tonight. I can tell by the way the child cries, this Samhain Night, or, as you mortals have taken to calling it, Halloween. It is a sound I have heard many a time amongst half-blood children of the Aesir. Though he is only a few hours old, he sees Yggdrasil, the World Tree, and his life is to be cut so very short because of it. The poor child.

Oh, do not fret, my dear mortals. That is the other reason of why I am here, to make sure he truly does not die. All of the Aesir and Vanir know of my soft spot for children. I truly adore them and so have no troubles of finding them and caring for them. Usually, it takes some time for a demigod child to see the World Tree, but it would seem that Marcus is among the very rare few. One would speculate it’s a sign of who his father is, someone like Thor or perhaps even the Allfather himself, but, trust me, this matters not to the Norns and Yggdrasil. A blessed child is a blessed child, and even a mortal can see the weavings of fates and the illustrious branches from time to time.

However, it is different for a child of both mortal and divine blood. It is a sign that either the child needs a new name in order to survive, something that Yggdrasil and the Norns will accept, or to be taken to where we live and train our young.

No, I will not be taking dear Marcus to Asgard. I don’t take children away from their mothers. Make no mistake, the mothers are never happy to see me when I come to call, something that is expected when they know the truth of everything, but they also know it is my sworn duty to all of Asgard and the Nine Realms to at least be sure the child need not leave just yet.

See? The mother has flinched upon my arrival into her room. Perhaps it’s because I’m wearing all black like a specter of Death . . . she looks to be too young to know the truth about the Gods. Norns, she looks no older than sixteen! I know back in my day that was of no issue . . . Hel, she would already be a mother of three or four children by now if we were back in ancient times, but you mortals are such sticklers about propriety and ages.

Do not get me wrong. There are times I agree with your notions, based on how things have changed over time. One would think the father would know better, especially considering how some mortals feel about young girls engaging in sexual activities. Ah well. What is done is done. And I can tell there is more to her story than what you can truly see yourself, mortal. She is scared. From the way she watches me, I’m most certain her parents have disapproved of her actions, have probably threatened to disown her, but the babe is more important to her.

How can I tell? It’s the way her eyes glitter, of course! Pay attention. Now, here is the little bundle of joy I’m here to see. I love holding children. Odin does, too, but he’s more the grandfatherly sort anymore, if you know what I mean.

Ah, here is dear little Marcus! Oh Norns, what a sweet-looking child! And there . . . there is the sign I was sent to look for . . . What? What is that mark on the bottom of the child’s foot? Ah, I see what you  mean! The little star there towards his heel. Yes, that is the sign of who his father is . . . Who is his father, you ask? Perhaps you’ll find out at another time. I’m really not going to say, hehe.

Such a sweet little child . . . Yes, he’s going to be a strong one. The magic radiating from this child is intense, powerful, like the sun . . . and it is burning him up, the poor thing. Fear not, I know the way for him to live. I may not like Daddy Dearest all that much, but that is no reason for me to punish the child.

Here. I must return him to his mother. I will tell her what to call him, if only in private, but the child will not be able to stay with her for too much longer. Frigga must be prepared for this child’s arrival to the camps, though she surely knows already. This is going to be heartbreaking. And I need a little magical defense. Asgard is not without enemies, even in these modern times.

Here we go, little darling. Here is your mother. That’s a good boy. Nice and easy . . . the child needs a new name, really, but it is only going to delay his untimely demise . . . Fortunately, I already know what his new name is going to be. Like him, like the Allfather, I, too, can see the branches of Yggdrasil, am her warrior in my own right. Little Wren will not only be a mighty warrior but a might magic-user. But remember . . . you are only to say this name when there is absolutely no one else about, lest you seek to destroy the child before he has a chance to live.

See? The new name is helping! His cries are lessening now, and sleep will come a little easier to him. His fever is dying out, too. A relief!

I shall return for him. I know she does not wish to be parted from him, and maybe Frigga will allow some leniency for her . . . but then we shall see. If it were up to me, I’d take them both, this night, but it is not.

Poor child, to be born with that gift so soon.

I must be gone. Remember, mortal, to keep this a secret about Marcus Anthony James to yourself. If not, well, let me just say I will not be so kind at our next meeting.

Until the next time we meet.


This is my first attempt at 1st person. Personally, I think it turned out better than I expected. However, it still needs some work, but I thought I'd share it so everyone can see the progression of the story.

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