Re-sorting the world

How are you?

I´m fine, nervous, sleepless, feel responsible, and quite angry at the world in general, actually. 

so I´m trying to find something positive.


Does the virus shift the world in a good way in the end? (No matter how much I´m personally hit by it.)

- Wuhan stopped production. That not only means that there is a lot less pollution for some weeks, but also that we learn to cope without cheap China buys. Can we keep to it?

- Flights are cancelled. The EU still has their stupid use-it-or-lose-it policy, but I hope they will come to reason and just make it possible to stop these empty flights. 

- More home office instead of big office buildings with AC, carpet flooring and people dressed in daily different expensive clothing. 

- People FINALLY start washing their hands and stopping to handshake. Wheeee!

but mostly...

- Most infected persons live in industrial areas and wealthy countries, because the virus spread by international travel first. The virus is literally not present in refugee camps, in slums, in prisons. 

- Production of stuff has lowered by 30% worldwide - in industry nations. That means: Necessities are covered rather by smaller enterprises, and imports shift to less infected countries, mostly that means the so called "Third World" (yes I hate using this term but it sums up so nicely).

Might this impact make the world better in the end?

It will be a long and hard trip, no doubt. But all changes are.

Thinking positive over here :-D

Our show tonight has been cancelled. But we´re going to live stream the event on our facebook page (Youtube newly demands 1000 subscribers to stream from mobile devices. duh. I´ll still try to stream from my computer but I´m using that to play music so that might prove difficult). More of that soon, probably.



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