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Re-Storyation Design
is the framework I developed and mapped during my graduate thesis work. It's a juicy way to redesign systems by reimagining the stories that underlie them, and it can help increase our capacity to both make and respond to change in our worlds (i.e. resilience!)

Starting this summer, I'll be offering an overview of Re-Storyation Design as a monthly online video course via my Patreon! 

Join the pilot on Patreon to get pre-recorded monthly video workshops to watch whenever you want. Anyone who subscribes at the Soil Tier  ($8/month) or higher will have access to the Re-Storyation Design pilot course, plus all other Patreon rewards for their tier! This is the first time this material will be out in the world, and I'm so excited-nervous-delighted-thrilled-shy-ready to share it with you and try it out!

Ready to join? Head over to the Soil Tier and click the "Join $8 Tier" button! Welcome, and thanks for being here!

Already a Patron? Awesome, thanks for creating a welcoming space to share and try new offerings! If you want to join but you're subscribed at a tier that doesn't have access to the class, know that you can switch to the Soil level for the length of the class, and then switch back!



P.S. First of all, I clearly believe in exclamation points and I stand by it!!!! :) Second of all, don't worry about getting locked in if your financial or other situations change, you can unsubscribe at any time if you need to.

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