Re:Zero Arc 4 Chapter 10 [The Incarnation Of The Thirst For Knowledge] (Live Google Drive Draft!)
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 [Dec 1 10:29PM: I'll start on Safin's Chapter 10 draft a bit before I go to bed :3] 

 [Dec 1 11:12PM: eating dinner, be back in an hour, and I'll be finising everything tomorrow]

 [Dec 2 1:55AM: I'm going to bed! Will continue editing tomorrow!]

 [Dec.2 1:38PM PST: I’m up! Starting on it now] 

 [Dec.2 6:19PM PST: Getting some food! I might be back in a few hours]

 [Dec 3 12:26PM PST: I have to get to work in a couple hours, I'll try to release Part 1/3 before then] 

 [Dec 4 9:51PM PST: I'll work on Part 2/3 a bit before getting to bed]

 [Dec 4 11:26PM PST: I’ll continue tomorrow night. Have an exam tomorrow. Part ⅔ should be done Tuesday]

 [Dec 5 6:41PM PST: I'm back!]

 [Dec 5 7:08PM  PST: Shoot, food is ready, I’ll be back in 1.5 hours ] 

 [Dec 6 12:58AM PST: I'm off to bed, I’ll finish part 2/3 tomorrow] 

 [Dec.6 4:30PM PST: Almost done! I’ll get something to eat and read a bit ahead first! 4:26PM Dec 6th] 

 [Dec 07 12:23PM PST: Just woke up. Finishing up Part 2/3 now! :3] 

 [Dec 13 12:19PM: Working on Part 3/3 now!] 

 [Dec 13th 6:33PM PST I need to eat some dinner/lunch/breakfast now. Be back in 2 or 3 hours maybe :c]