Re:Zero Arc 4 Chapter 12 [A Souvenir From The Tea Party] (Live Draft!)
[Dec 19th 10:11PM: I'll get started on it a bit before I go to bed!]
[Dec 20th 11:03AM PST: I'll do some editing for a few hours!]

[Dec 20 1:32PM Getting lunch now, I’ll be back later :3]
[Dec 20 5:25PM PST I’m back! Editing now]
[Dec 20 7:41PM PST: I’ll take a nap, may or may not be back :3]
[Dec 21 2:48PM PST: Editing now! I'll try to finish Chapter 12 tonight and release it all together]
Dec 21 8:07PM PST: Going to eat :3]
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