Re:Zero Arc 4 Chapter 13 [Roswaal's Intentions]
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[Jan 8th 1:52PM PST: I fell asleep... I'm back, editing now]
[Jan 7th 10:10PM PST: It’s done! I’ll come back to edit everything after I.. ugh….eat. Which usually means tomorrow. But totally not this time. :c It’s still a rough draft with lots of things that need fixing, the final version should read better >_< I’ll be back in about 3 hours!]
[Jan 7th 5:06PM PST: OK back to translating!]
[Jan 6th 5:07AM PST: I'll have a whole day free on Saturday January 7th, I'll try to finish Part 2/2 and release it then!]
[Jan 4th 8:16PM PST: Translating right now!]
[Jan 3rd 6:22PM PST: I'm so hungry... taking a break T_T]
[January 3rd 2:42PM PST: Just woke up, translating now!]  
[January 2nd 2017 PST: Happy New Year! The hangovers are killing me >_< I'll be back soon! I have work today, so I'll continue translating tomorrow, January 3rd!]

[Dec 30 12:03PM PST: Continuing translating! Full speed ahead!!!]
[Dec 29 7:05AM PST: Part 1/2 is done, I need to get some sleep now. I will read it over again when I wake up before releasing it :3]
[Dec 28 12:16PM PST: I'll keep going in a few hours. Getting lunch first]
[Dec 27 5:34PM PST: I am back! I spent some time with my family during Christmas <3 I'll continue translating now!]
[Dec 24 3:19AM PST: Going to bed now. I have work tomorrow. :3]
[Dec 23 10:56PM PST: Just got back from a Christmas party... I'll get started on the Chapter 13 translation for a bit! The quality will be really bad for the first while  until I get around to thoroughly revise it later! :3]