Re:Zero Arc 4 Chapter 14 [Questions And Answers] Live Draft!
Final Draft Link (I'll be writing everything here when I finish checking the draft):

Live Draft Link:

[Jan 22nd 3:32 PM PST: Two more pages to go, I'll read over it again and release it]
[Jan 21st 3:32PM PST: Just woke up! Live now on the Final Draft document, I'll try to release 3/3 today]
 [Jan 17th 5:50PM PST: I'm leaving for work now, I'll be continuing later tonight or tomorrow]
[Jan 17th 2:48PM PST: Working on Part 3/3 now, I'll be in the final draft document]
[Jan 15th 8:01PM PST: Part 2/3 is finished and released! I'm going to eat now, I'll come back to work on 3/3 either tonight or tomorrow!]  
[Jan 15th 3:09PM PST: Woke up! I'll finish up Part 2/3 in the finalizing doc]
[Jan 15th 4:45AM PST: Half way through the final edit of Part 2/3, but I'm not entirely satisfied with the quality this late at night. I'll go to sleep and continue when I wake up :3]
[Jan 14th 10:57AM PST: Just woke up! Eating breakfast and getting started on Part 2/3!]
[Jan 14th 12:35AM PST: Part 1/3 is done!! I'll continue on Part 2/3 tomorrow]
[Jan 13th 11:54PM PST: I’ll read to the end of the chapter before continuing, Mattew’s here live as well!]
[Jan 13th: 11:25AM PST: Just woke up, I'll start editing soon]
[Jan 12th: 5:08PM PST: Hey guys! I'll continue editing late tonight after work or tomorrow when I wake up!]
[Jan 9th 6:09PM: Starting now! Matt's already finished the drafts, I'll be reading it for the first hour or so]