Re:Zero Arc 4 Chapter 15 [Qualifications And Trials] Live Draft!
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[Feb 1st 10:10PM PST: OK all done! I'll edit it in Wordpress and release it!]
[Feb 1st 5:19PM PST: Finishing Chapter 15]
[Jan 31st 11:18PM PST: Ok I’m eating dinner now, it’s close to the end so I might finish it up tonight. I’ll still need to edit it so it’ll be released a bit after I finish it. ]
[Jan 31st 6:04 PM PST: Working on Part 2/3 and 3/3 now! I'm reading up to the end of the chapter first to get a sense of everything, will take about 30 minutes]
[Jan 30th 5:58PM PST: Hey guys, I’ll start on Part ⅔ now. I might release ⅔ and 3/3 together this time]
[Jan 28th 3:19PM PST: Just woke up, I’ll finish up Part ⅓ now! ]
[Jan 27th 10:31PM: Time for New-Years dinner with my family! There’s almost enough for Part ⅓ release, I’ll finish a bit more and edit it a bit when I’m back before releasing it! ]
[Jan 27th 4:52PM: Happy Lunar New Year! I have some time today, I'll take an hour or so to read the chapter first and start translating]
[Jan 25th 2:57pm: I'll be back to continue translating tomorrow night after work! I'll post the link for now]