Re:Zero Arc 4 Chapter 16 [A Morning in the Natsuki Household] Live Draft!
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[Feb 9th 12:28PM PST: The chapter is done but I hadn't slept all night and I am far too tired right now to decide whether it's good enough or not. I've already pasted the edited version in the live-draft if you want to read it now. I need to catch some sleep before I go to work]
[Feb 9th 3:02AM PST: Had dinner for  a couple hours. I'm still revising the chapter in Wordpress]
[Feb 8th 8:17PM PST: Finalizing everything in Wordpress now! It'll be ready in an hour or two!]
[Feb 8th 3:58PM PST: OK, time to finish Chapter 16!]

[Feb 7th 9:14AM PST: 2 pages to go, I better get to sleep now, I'll continue again after work tonight. I will have time on Wednesday to properly proofread and edit everything, so the chapter will be released then!]
[Feb 6th 2:34PM PST: I have to get work for now. There's 4 more pages to go, I don't want to split this chapter in parts so I'll continue again tonight]
[Feb 5th 5:46PM PST: Translating now! I have work for the next two days, so I'll try to finish and release the chapter tonight]  

[Feb 4th 10:20PM PST: Getting food >_<, I read to the end of the chapter and there are some really nice stuff coming!! I’ll be releasing this chapter all together I think!]  
[Feb 4th: 3:14PM: I'm back! I'll take an hour and a half or so to read the Chapter and start translating]
[Feb 2nd 4:56AM: Good night everyone, I have work for the next two days, I might pop in to translate when I have time!]