Re:Zero Arc 4 Chapter 17 [Love Story] Live Draft!
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 [Feb 19th 1:59PM: Working on the last few pages now]
[Feb 18th 1:04PM: Continuing now, I'll finish part 3/3 and release them together]
[Feb 15th 6:20PM: I have work these few days, and will have some free time on Friday again. Part 2/3 is done but I don't know if I should release it as it is. I'll look it over in a couple hours again and decide whether to release it before bed today] 
[Feb 13th 7:40PM: Cutting part ⅔ now, I’ll be revising everything in Wordpress]
[Feb 13th 2:28PM PST: Ok translating now, let's see how far I can get]
[Feb 12th 3:00PM PST: I'll be continuing the translation now!]

[Feb 11th 10:05 PM PST: Part 1/3 is out! Eating dinner, I’ll continue Part ⅔ tomorrow]
[Feb 11th 3:15PM PST: Getting started on Chapter 17 now!]