Re:Zero Arc 4 Chapter 18 [Parent And Child] Live Draft!
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[Mar 4th 1:19PM PST: Finished translating, revising now]
[Mar 3rd 11:12PM PST: 3 more pages to go!]
[Mar 3rd 1:22PM: Just woke up, finishing Chapter 18]
[Mar 1st 5:57PM: Part 3 is done in the live-draft! I don't want to split up this scene, so it will be released together with Part 4 on Friday, March 3rd. I have to head to work soon, thank you so much everyone!]
[Mar 1st 2:26PM PST: Continuing Chapter 18 now, I have work tonight, and tomorrow as well. I still want to combine Part 3 and Part 4 since the impact would be better that way, so my best estimate is releasing everything this Friday night]
[Mar 1st 12:39PM PST: Going to sleep for now, I'll continue when I wake up] 
[Feb 28 2:28pm PST: I went back and revised Part 2 a bit more. Onto part 3/4 now!]
[Feb 27 9:09AM PST: Part 2 is out, off to bed now! I have work this afternoon, so part 3 will be ready tomorrow night, February 28th!]
[Feb 26 11:10PM PST: I'll finish Part 2 in a few hours]
[Feb 26 2:52AM: Part 1 is out, I'm off to sleep now]
[Feb 25th 10:11PM: I've been translating on and off today, this chapter is quite long so I'll release it in smaller chunks this time. Part 1 is almost done, I'll be releasing it after dinner]
[Feb 24th 1:30PM PST: I'll be continuing soon! Reading ahead for a bit]
[Feb 23rd 2:15PM: Hey guys I didn't post the link earlier since I wouldn't have much time to work on it until Friday afternoon.  I have an hour or so right now before I leave for work, so I'll get started on Chapter 18!]