Re:Zero Arc 4 Chapter 19 [Homework] Live Draft!
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[Mar 14th 6:33PM PDT: Chapter is done! Need to revise it now!]
[Mar 14 12:05AM PDT: 3 pages to go!]
[Mar 13th 9:40AM: I have the whole day today, I'll try to finish Chapter 19 tonight and release tomorrow morning. Have something I need to do first, I'll be back in an hour or so]
[Mar 12th 4:01PM PDT: Sorry I got a bit busy the last few days, continuing now!]
[Mar 9th 9:06PM PST: Part 2 is out! I'll be continuing later tonight or tomorrow]
[Mar 9th 6:29 PM PST: Almost done part 2, revising it now]
[Mar 08th 3:06PM PST: Continuing part 2]
[Mar 07th 4:00PM PST: Part 1 is out, I'm continuing to part 2 now! I have more 2 hours or so before I leave for work]
[Mar 07th 2:06PM PST:  Continuing now]
[Mar 06th 4:33PM: I have work today, but this week I'll have a lot more time to translate. I'll try to have part 1 released tomorrow, part 2 Wednesday or Thursday and 3+4 Friday or Saturday]