Re:Zero Arc 4 Chapter 20 [Test Results] Live Draft!
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[Mar 19th 7:50PM PDT: Chapter is finished! Just need to revise it before releasing it]
[Mar 19th 12:34PM PDT: I think I'll release the whole chapter together this time, I'll try to finish it tonight]
[Mar 18th 12:51PM PDT: Woke up]
[Mar 17th 11:53AM PDT: I'll be popping in and out of the draft a bit]
[Mar 16th 2:33PM PDT: I have work today, continuing tomorrow]
[Mar 15th 4:32PM PDT: I'm up! Translating now!]
[Mar 15th 4:44AM PDT: Going to sleep now, I’ll start translating when I wake up tomorrow]