Re:Zero Arc 4 Chapter 21 [A Renewed Resolve] Live Draft!
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 [Mar 28th 12:54PM PDT: Finishing up Part 3 now]
[Mar 26th 3:05PM PDT: Awake now, I want to finish part 3 today]
[Mar 25 5:40PM PDT: Part 2 is out! Making some food now. I'll start part 3 later tonight]
[Mar 25 1:13PM PDT: Finishing up Part 2/3!]
[Mar 24th 11:00PM: Eating dinner now, I’ll release Part ⅔ tomorrow, I want to include 2 more pages for the uh…...cliffhanger]
[Mar 24th 4:21PM PDT: Going to try finalizing as I go, let’s see if it’s faster this way]
[Mar 23rd 1:52PM PDT: Part 1 is out! I'm a little sick so I might sleep a bit before continuing]
[Mar 22nd 8:22PM PDT: Doing a final edit of part 1/4 now, I might decide to combine it with part 2/4 and release as 1/2, not sure yet] (***It's better to release in the morning when my head is clearer, I'll continue translating and maybe do 3 parts instead of 4)
[Mar 22nd 1:31PM PDT: Woke up, translating soon! I might've caught a cold, runny nose and a bit dizzy]
[Mar 21st 1:00PM: I have work today, I'll translate a bit before I go]
[Mar 20th 1:40PM PDT: I’ll get started in a couple hours]