Re:Zero Arc 4 Chapter 22 [Weakness] Live Draft!
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[April 7th 1:53AM PDT: 1 page to go, releasing when I wake up]
[April 5th PDT: Going to finish part 2 today]
[Apr4th 11:56AM: Woke up, day off today, translating now]
[April 2nd 8:55PM PDT: Hey]
[April 2nd 8:00PM PDT: Part 1 is out, going to go a bit further before going to bed]
[April 2nd 2:20PM PDT: Day off today! I'll get to about half of the chapter and decide if I should release as 3 parts or 2]
[April 1st 4:1PM PDT: Up]
[Mar 31st 8:23AM PDT: Woke up, can't fall back asleep, translating now :3]
[Mar 30th 2:05PM PDT: I have work today and tomorrow, I’ll try get a part out Saturday night or Sunday]
[Mar 29th 6:38PM PDT: Need to read the chapter a bit before getting started, not sure if this thumbnail picture fits yet]