Re:Zero Arc 4 Chapter 23 [A Step Forward] Live Draft!
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[Apr 14th 2:06AM  PDT: Thank you everyone for being so patient, I'll be free for the next few days, I plan to finish Part 2 Friday night]
[Apr 11th 2:02PM PDT: I got called to work on Wednesday and possibly Thursday. I'l see how much I can finish tomorrow morning]
 [Apr 11th 4:37AM PDT: I have a special occasion today and I'll be spending the day with my family. I'll try to finish Part 2/2 on Wednesday Apr 12th. I haven't updated inside the livedraft, I'll paste it over on Wednesday when I have time to do it properly]
[Apr 9th 8:32PM PDT: Part 1/2 is out! I'll start on Part 2/2 when I wake up in the morning]
[Apr 9th 12:35PM PM PDT:Woke up, editing now. Going to finish part 1/2 today]
[Apr 7th 4:31PM PDT: Starting now!]