Re:Zero Arc 4 Chapter 24 [False Start] Live Draft!
Live Draft Link:

 [May 2nd 12:57AM PDT: All done, doing final revisions now]
[May 1st 8:03PM PDT: Finishing up last bit of Part 2 now! I'm on the long drive home and will get there in about 5 hours and release it once I get there]
[Apr 30th 2:41PM PDT: I'm in a Starbucks in Portland, Part 2 is halfway done. I plan to finish it tonight and release it when I can get Wifi again]
[Apr 28th 2:00PM PDT: Part 1 is out! I'm setting out again, the Live Draft will update when I get access to free Wifi]
[Apr 28th 11:33AM PDT: I’m in a library in Kirkland near Seattle, I’ll release in a couple hours!]
[Apr 26th 7:12PM PDT: I'm heading out now! I might even finish part 1 tonight, but depending on whether I can find free Wifi at night it might be tomorrow when the release is out]
[Apr 26th 3:03PM PDT: I'll continue translating on the road for the next few days. I'll update the live draft and release chapters whenever I get access to the internet. I'll try to get part 1/2 out tomorrow]
[Apr 25th 8:33PM PDT: I'm back!]
[Apr 22nd 1:41AM PDT: Sorry everyone, I had an exceptionally busy week this week and now that Ludum Dare has just started I have to be completely focused on that for the next 40-60 hours, but I've freed up my schedule for next week, so I'll continue translating when Ludum Dare finishes on Tuesday Apr 25th!]