Re:Zero Arc 4 Chapter 28 [A Conversation Over Tea] Live Draft!
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[May 31st 1:30PM PDT: Woke up, finishing Chapter 28 now]
[May 30th 1:39PM PDT: I have one more day of work today, and starting tomorrow I will be able to fully commit my time to translating. Because Arc 6 Chapter 34 was just released a few hours ago, I will start on it briefly with the time I have before work today, and tomorrow I will finish up and release Arc 4 Chapter 28 and then translate this chapter in parallel with Arc 4 Chapter 29]
[May 29th 2:48PM PDT: I’ll be back to finish the chapter tomorrow morning]
[May 29th 8:58AM PDT: Woke up! On Part 3/3]
[May 27th 9:49PM PDT: I'm deep reading for Part 2/3 now. I'll wake up early tomorrow to continue translating]
[May 27th 11:55 AM PDT: If you guys missed the note, I have finally decided to take leave from my job and translate full time. I have already notified my boss, and she was kind enough to help me out on such a short notice. I still need to cover my position for a few days next week, but after that, I should be able to speed up progress and release regularly. I will be back tonight if I can to continue part ⅔]
[May 27th 9:46AM PDT: Finishing up Part 1 now]