Re:Zero Arc 4 Chapter 29 [An Omnivorous Man] Live Draft!
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[June 7th 11:25 AM PDT: I will edit and then finish the last two pages of Part 2/2! If you spot typos or missing words please let me know in the chat!]
[June 6th 9:54AM PDT: I will release Part 1/2 soon! I will finish Part 2/2 today but I plan to keep final editing and releases to mornings so I can ensure better quality when I have more energy and my mind can process everything overnight. After I finish the draft I'll use the rest of the night times to prepare the next chapter or work on Arc 6 Chapter 34]
[June 5th 3:23PM PDT: I've finished my last day of work! I don't feel too tired right now so I'll edit Part 1 first before continuing translating. I might split the chapter in 3 parts to make the change in topic and tone less confusing]
[June 5th 9:52AM PDT: It's my last day of work today, I'll be back this afternoon to continue translating. I shouldn't rush with the editing for this chapter, so I might keep translating and edit in the morning when I have the most energy]