Re:Zero Arc 4 Chapter 8[The Long-Awaited Reunion]: Page by Page #1!
After reading a comment about translating page by page like the guys who translated Shinsekai Yori, I thought it might actually be a really interesting idea to try!

So I'll translate and finalize one Google Drive page at a time, about 400-500 words each, and release them as I go. It'll take about 3 hours of work for each page, so there could be a new one every 3-4 hours or so.  When there is about 6-7 pages I'll combine them into a segment to release!

Arc 4 Chapter 8 [The Long-Awaited Reunion] - Page #1

Even traveling on an unpaved road, there was hardly any turbulence within the carriage. No matter how many times he experiences it, he'd alway find the effects of this "Divine Protection" incredible.

If all this was just the effects of the Divine Protection of "Wind Evasion", he wondered what if he could unwind the effects of all the other Divine Protections, and whether he would be using some other word beside “incredible”, then.

[Subaru: ...or something, but this isn't the time to be running away from reality, is it] 

Subaru poked his head out into the driver's area beside Otto, looking forward―― the "Sanctuary" was just ahead, as he focused his eyes on the sight.

Finally treading on earthen road that was no longer covered by grass, about a hundred something metres away, the forest was opening up. Some wooden rooftops were now visible in the distance, for these must have been the many residences surrounding the “Sanctuary”. From far away, it looked rather like a run-down village, and there seemed to be nothing about it particularly worth noting.

And if one had to make a remark, perhaps it would be, 

[Subaru: There’s a dreary atmosphere about the place…...]

Standing in the entryway to the “Sanctuary”, was a tremendously old gate made of stone that only served to emphasize that desolate imagery, and the short wooden fences surrounding the village gave off an impression of a locked cell.

Inadvertently, Subaru allowed his thoughts to slip through his lips, and Garfiel, listening, smacked himself in the knee,

[Garfiel: Pret’much! Dreary place, yeah? I’ll say this first, the insides’re even more dreary y’know? No matter who it is, there’s no liveliness inside, they’re all alive but they might as well be dead]

[Subaru: Sounds pretty crappy the way you described it. But the more I listen the less it sounds like a “Sanctuary”. That’s just.......]

Seeing Garfiel enthusiastically affirm his ironic comment, Subaru sighed, and thought back on his previous words. To Subaru and the others who were calling this place “Sanctuary”, Garfiel did not hide a sense of self-deprecation as he spoke. So then――

[Emilia: “The Witch of Greed’s Graveyard”, what does that mean?] 

The same question that came into Subaru’s mind seemed to have also arrived in Emilia’s.

As she suddenly voiced this question her eyes became resolute, but down below, she was gently tugging on the hem of Subaru’s clothing with her fingertips. The fact that he was being relied upon gave him a small sense of contentment, but Subaru’s feelings were complicated as he sensed the source of her anxiety.  

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