Re:Zero Arc 4 Chapter 8[The Long-Awaited Reunion]: Page #2
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[Subaru: The Witch――So basically, as the existence referred to by the name of “Witch”, the Witch of Envy is known to everyone. But the Witches bearing the names of the other Sins, there’s almost nothing known about them]

[Emilia: Eh, really? But, weren’t they a bunch of really famous people from four hundred years ago?]

[Garfiel: Emilia-sama’s not’ntirely mistaken. But yeah, Subaru’s got it. The Witch of Envy’s just way too famous, there’s no confusion‘bout that. But of th’records of the other Witches eaten by the Witch of Envy, there’s barely a whiff left of’em. Though... there are exceptions]

[Emilia: Just like here... is that right?]

After answering Subaru, Garfiel pulled in his jaw at Emilia’s question, smirking. As if quite affected by this, Emilia’s eyes widened. But Subaru, who was not well-informed on the matters surrounding the Witch, only let out a [Is that so...] as if understanding.

But a sudden notion surged in his mind and blew away that casual air. Because if there are multiple Witches...

[Subaru: T, that doesn’t mean there’s a Witch Cult for every Witch, does it? Just beating down one Sin Archbishop was tough enough, come on give me a break]

It was a chilling thought, and one he couldn’t overlook.

Reading into the details Petelgeuse’s words, he imagined they must all have been worshippers of the Witch of Envy. Likewise, “Gluttony” and “Greed” who Subaru must one day defeat, and their followers too, must be in the same category as well.

Yet, if there are sects that worship the other Witches――

[Otto: It’s a scary thing to say, but there’s no need to worry about that, Natsuki-san]

But, the one who contradicted the chill running up Subaru’s spine, was the one holding the reins in front, Otto. In the end, compared to Emilia, who knows almost nothing about the Witch Cult, and unlike Garfiel, who was not quite trustworthy, Otto actually held some kind of reliability, and could provide some insight into the common understanding of things. Because the extent of Otto’s knowledge... was probably exactly what an average person would know.

[Otto: The Witch Cult…… even though I don’t like to say it out loud, only worships the Witch of Envy. To revere another Witch above the Witch of Envy, only a lunatic would do that]

[Subaru: Above the Witch of Envy……? What do you mean? Are they even worse than the Witch of Envy?]

[Otto: When they hear the name of any Witch other than the Witch they worship, the Witch Cult will do some very scary things. You heard of the city that was destroyed in the Southern Empire of Volakia, right?] 

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