Re:Zero Arc 4 Chapter 8[The Long-Awaited Reunion]: Page #3
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As Otto suddenly brought up the new topic, Subaru remembered hearing it before. After the battle against Petelgeuse, Wilhelm had mentioned it as he laid out the horrors of the Witch Cult. 

Certainly it was,

[Subaru: It was the Sin Archbishop of “Greed” that single handedly destroyed that city in the what’s-its-name Empire, wasn’t it? I heard that even that nation’s Champion couldn’t do anything to stop him]

[Otto: I don’t recall anything so fantastic, but the reason the Witch Cult did it in the first place was  even more frightening. In the isolationist Volakian Empire, that was the only city where trade was prospering…… at the time there were rumors of a Witch-related artifact being unearthed there]

[Subaru: Related to the Witch, huh]

[Otto: What it was is unclear even now. Only, there were lots of collectors out there who were after it. It’d be fine if it was just for some sick sense of humor, wanting to collect something belonging to the Witch of Envy…… but in the end, the entire city perished]

Perhaps it was to obtain that artifact, or to destroy it, that “Greed” made his move. The Volakian Empire had mistakenly roused the Witch Cult, and received this catastrophic retribution as a result.

[Otto: After that, even things unrelated to the Witch of Envy, anything that might possibly provoke the Witch Cult is prohibited by decree…… but even so, it still didn’t stop these items from circulating in shameless behind-the-scenes dealings] 

[Subaru: It’s rare to hear that kind of spite coming from you. It almost sounds like it was something you were involved in?]

[Otto: …...It’s nothing worth mentioning. Just back then, some of my relatives were caught up in the city when it happened. It’s been more than 15 years now, I was just a child back then so it didn’t have much to do with me]

After that, closing his mouth, Otto refused to go any further on the topic. Seeing his attitude, Subaru stopped asking, and turned his gaze and attention back into the carriage.

In any case, Garfiel was waiting for Subaru to finish processing everything he’s learned, saying [Satisfied now?] while holding his chin in his hand.

[Garfiel: I don’know the finer points either. But th'gramps an’grans keep goin on and on about how it’s the “Witch of Greed’s Graveyard”, like how “Peromeo rots jus’from th’listening”, repeated s'many times, t’can’t be wrong]

[Subaru: All you know is what the rot-guy told you? So you don’t really know the details either, huh]

[Garfiel: All I care’bout is me being th'strongest. If y’want to know the specifics go grab Roswaal by th’collar and ask’im yerself. N’sure if y’can do it now though] 

[Subaru: ――? What’s that supposed to mea……] 

[Otto: Um sorry. It seems we’ve arrived, do we just go in like this?] 

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