Re:Zero Arc 4 Chapter 8[The Long-Awaited Reunion]: Page #4
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Before he could sort out Garfiel’s seemingly loaded words, Otto’s voice beckoned from the coachman’s stand in front. Against Otto’s call, Garfiel grumbled [Welp], and nimbly hopped off the carriage.

[Garfiel: If y’go in w’thout sayin’anything, they’ll take y’for outside intruders an’coord’nate a mass’assault on ya, it’ll be like “laughin like’a Magmarin full o’holes”. I’ll go in an’tell’em, y’guys wait here]

[Subaru: Ah, we’ll leave it to you then. Hey, come to think of it, I get the feeling like you’re the patrol for the Sanctuary or something. Considering the way we ran into each other at first...]

On the other hand, the way he seemed to abandon his post in the end didn’t quite fit that idea. And the fact that he was patrolling alone, too. But then, with strength like his, perhaps moving alone was more efficient.

But to Subaru’s last question, Garfiel only lightly waved his hand without answering. Unable to see through him, Subaru’s brows furrowed, and, almost at the same time, Emilia let out an [Ah] in a slightly elevated voice.

Turning his eyes to Emilia, who had cried out involuntarily, he saw her pointing up ahead. And following her finger, Subaru understood her surprise as he saw what she had seen. Because standing there, was,

[――You’re back, Garfiel. Pretty early, isn’t it]

[Garfiel: ‘Cus there’s no need t’circle in th’forest anymore. It’s gotta be rare t’see you leave Roswaal’s side though. He fin’lly dropped dead?]

[If that is so, this place, Ram will already have burned it down with her own hands in self-abandon. You have Roswaal-sama to thank that this is not the case]

[Garfiel: That’some incredible logics, I can’t understand it at all!]

In the familiar maid’s uniform, the girl’s peach-colored hair was swaying as she faced Garfiel. Unlike Garfiel, who was happily smiling, her expression was cold and without emotion. Taking a long time to confirm this, Subaru’s shoulders dropped as if relieved.

[Otto: Haaa, so that’s the older sister I heard so much about. I see... Of course this is only natural, but she looks exactly like the young miss who’s sleeping]

And, having seen her for the first time, Otto let out this remark. In front of their eyes, she looked like a perfect replica of the Rem Otto had seen, but only,  inside, it was a completely different person.

For this was the long-awaited reunion with the good-for-nothing maid of Roswaal’s Mansion, Ram. 

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