Re:Zero Arc 4 Chapter 8[The Long-Awaited Reunion]: Page #5
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[Subaru: ――Ram!]

Sticking his body out of the dragon carriage, Subaru waved to Ram. Her eyes slightly squinted as she saw him, and quite understandably shrugged and shook her head.

[Ram: I humbly do not know where this Barusu popped out from, but your late arrival is certainly disappointing. You should have noticed sooner that something had gone wrong and came over...... but ah, that’s too much to ask of Barusu, after all]

[Subaru: If you’re going to use phrases like “I humbly do not know”, stick with it all the way through and don’t change it all of a sudden! And Roswaal too, I can’t understand what you guys are thinking, but I’ll definitely have something to say when I get a hold of him!]

Objecting, Subaru pointed a finger at the girl whose attitude had not changed at all. Seeing this reaction from Subaru, Ram dropped her shoulders, before turning to Emilia, who was standing beside him.

Relieved to see that Emilia, same as Subaru, was safe, Ram’s face relaxed. And, for a moment, Subaru thought he saw in her eyes a fleeting, almost dreamlike glimpse of sorrow. Yet in that same instant, it had already vanished from sight.

[Ram: Emilia-sama too, welcome. Roswaal-sama is waiting, so please come with me to the inner building. Garfiel, go find a suitable place for the dragon carriage and the driver]

[Garfiel: What’s with that treatment, oy! Can’t y’ask for help in a way that inspires more enthusiasm?]

[Ram: If you want to eat Ram’s hand-made meal again, please strive to do your best. But if you want to throw away this valuable opportunity because of your careless words, Ram won’t say anything more]

[Garfiel: Alright! Alright already! Can’t grab’a hold o’her at’all, though it’s better like that. Oy, asshole driver. Park the ground dragons an’the carriage at the end there an'come with me]

[Otto: It’s about time I introduced myself right!? Could you please not call me with that insulting name!? Also, isn’t it a bit dangerous for me to be left alone with this guy!]

As Otto voiced his objection at Garfiel, who had just been vanquished by Ram, Subaru, seeing this, shot him a thumbs-up with teeth sparkling,

[Subaru: I’ll recover your bones!]

[Otto: That was definitely something said with good intentions but carries the completely wrong implications isn’t it!? Really, if anything happens to me I’m going to claim for compensation!] 

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