Re:Zero Arc 4 Chapter 8[The Long-Awaited Reunion]: Page #6
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Leaving behind these words, Otto, having let Subaru and Emilia off, followed Garfiel. As they headed toward the interior of the village, Subaru rubbed Patrasche in the nose in a reluctant goodbye. Then, turning with a snap of his neck, saying [Now then],

[Subaru: There’s a whole array of things I want to ask and talk to you about, now that we’re here can we finally talk?]

[Ram: ……Ram hasn’t been granted permission to convey anything to you. You can ask Roswaal-sama directly when you meet him. Though I don’t know how much Garf had let slip already]

[Subaru: Garf…… ah, you mean Garfiel. That guy turned out to be a whole lot different from the impression I got from hearing his name. Come to think of it, there’s something that’s been bothering me]

[Ram: What is it?]

Sharply, Ram furrowed her brows. Imagining it might be information Roswaal had given express instructions not to reveal, her gaze became serious, but, seeing this, Subaru let out a [Naah it’s just], as he folded his arms,

[Subaru: That guy, does he have a crush on you? I got that feeling from the way he was talking]

[Ram: ……And here I was wondering what you were going to say]

Unable to hide her genuine astonishment, Ram sighed. Only, seeing how she didn’t deny it, Subaru couldn’t help but let an out-of-place grin come onto his face.

[Subaru: Well I’m not saying he has strange tastes but. You look cute……  but the fact that he still likes you after being around you for so long, I think he must have some serious resolve]

[Ram: Being gifted with both intelligence and beauty, males will inevitably be attracted to Ram, there’s nothing I can do about that. But, Ram has already devoted her all to someone who she shall always stay devoted to, so I have no wish for such things]

With a sway of her shoulders, Ram responded to Subau’s sarcastic words, and, in a single stroke, she had cut down all of Garfiel’s hopes with her response. Then, turning her back to Subaru and Emilia, she left the words [Come with me], as she took the first step forward.

-Page #6-

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