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Although he wasn’t exactly trying to make the flowers of love bloom, her cold attitude still made Subaru feel like he was coming away empty handed. But, the fact that he could not ask what he should have asked, was understandably because he was afraid.

[Subaru: At a time like this, am I still too much of a coward to say Rem’s name... even though I want to… even…]

He was terrified of the confirmation.
Having already heard it from Emilia and Petra that they cannot remember Rem, now, to ask her own sister whether she has forgotten her existence too?

But, having come here, the fact that she did not ask about Rem’s absence, already meant that there was no point in asking anymore.

[Subaru: Can’t help but cave in to her either way. Let’s follow Ram for now, then, Emilia-tan. ——What’s wrong?]

Subaru turned to Emilia, who had kept her silence up to now. Ever since stepping off the carriage, she had not opened her mouth, but only looked around at her surroundings anxiously. Noticing Subaru’s call, she let out a [No...] slightly shaking her head.

[Emilia: It’s just, I can’t seem to calm down. How should I say it, there’s a strange feeling…… it’s not something I can put into words]

[Subaru: Can’t calm down, huh. For me, a shy loner who’s reluctant to even leave the house, all this is like a new world you know? Everyone gets this feeling I think…… In fact, I don’t particularly hate it myself]

Looking around along with Emilia, everything looked very much like the image of a run-down village. Perhaps, compared to Arlam village, the houses appeared older, and in a greater state of disrepair, but these are merely relative, insignificant details. 

Nevertheless, the place was not without a sense of incongruity about it. Although what that incongruity was, Subaru wasn’t quite sure either.

[Subaru: But we don’t have much choice even if we keep our guards up, Emilia-tan. Ram and Ros-chi are both here, so at least we shouldn’t be in any danger, I think]

[Emilia: It’s not that I’m keeping my guard up…… No, I’m ok right now. But really, if only I could talk to Puck...]

The crystal stone at her chest——touching the green stone beneath her neck, Emilia called out anxiously, to the name of the spirit sealed within. The absence of the great spirit that always stayed by her side obviously brought her anxiety to no end.

And to see her so fragile, Subaru despised himself for not being the existence that she can rely on.

[Emilia: ――Subaru?]

[Subaru: Let’s go. No matter what happens, leave it to your #2 shield]

Without thinking, he grabbed the hand that was touching the crystal, turning his face away as he said this. Then, holding her hand like this, before she could even say no, he swung out his stride. And naturally, Emilia followed behind his forceful attitude.

Having done so without any consideration, just the thought of his embarrassing act made fire fly out of every pore of his face. But, more than thought, he had chosen to follow his emotion. And only hoped that this was not seen as strange.

[Emilia ――Ok]

Only, unlike Subaru’s heart which was about to jump out of his chest, Emilia slightly nodded, and did not let go of his hand.

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