Re:Zero Arc 4 Chapter 8[The Long-Awaited Reunion]: Page #8
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It was the only house in the Sanctuary that preserved some semblance of a proper shape.

Constructed out of stone, the single-storey building was around the size of a single-family house of the original world. Its rooms arranged in a simple layout, one could almost imagine living a simple and cozy life here.

Although compared to the Roswaal Mansion and the Crusch Mansion, having grown accustomed to a certain standard of living, Subaru found it rather cramped. But, of course, in time, with a little bourgeois-spirit, he could easily grow used to living in such a place. 

For this was his impression of the place of their meeting. 

So then,

[Roswaal: Yaaaa~~~, Emilia-sama and Subaru-kun. I get the feeling that this is qu~ite the long-awaited reunion, don~’t you think hmm~~?]

Waving his hand with a carefree smile, this was how Roswaal greeted them as they saw each other again.

After parting in the Capital, this was the first time Subaru met face to face with Roswaal. And as they had not seen each other in the previous loops, it had actually been about a month for Subaru. Considering all the pent-up resentment accumulated in that time, he had wanted to do nothing less than to punch him across the face at the earliest opportunity, but,

[Roswaal: Fi~~~rst of all, it’s so~ good to see you safe, Emilia-sama. Ram’s alre~~ady told me about the problems around the Mansion. If a~nything should have happened to you, I would su~~rely have lost the will to go on living]

 [Subaru: If that’s what you feel, you should have at least made some better preparations…… Actually, more importantly, what the hell happened to you? What is this!?] 

Even as Roswaal seemed relieved to see Emilia safe, Subaru and Emilia were beside themselves with consternation. All the countless things they had wanted to say had all of a sudden vanished like a parting mist when they saw Roswaal.

Lying on the bed... all manner of wounds that cannot be overlooked littered his body, and blood seeped through the bandages constricting his figure into a pitifully painful posture. 

At Subaru’s question and Emilia’s silent gaze, Roswaal used his left arm, which was relatively less injured, to gently pull up the eye-patch that was covering his left eye.

[Roswaal: Aaa~~~yaaa~~, you are asking about the~se? I~~ am only a man, after a~~ll. Being seen in this pitiful state wounds my self-esteem, so if you could ple~~ase understand my desire to rest a little] 

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