Re:Zero Arc 4 Chapter 8[The Long-Awaited Reunion]: Page #9
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[Emilia: That’s not good enough, is it. What really happened, Roswaal? Getting wounded like this…… and how did you, of all people]

Not distracted by his jest, Emilia retorted as she extended a trembling finger towards him, hesitating whether to touch the body ridden with wounds. Seeing her do this, Roswaal smiled bitterly, and turned his right eye up to the ceiling, [Well then...] he whispered,

[Roswaal: Whe~~re should I begin h~m? We~ll, I guess you could sa~y my injuries were sustained for something of a matter of honor, and out of regard for propriety, I had no~ choi~ce]

[Emilia: Stop trying to get away with these roundabout words. I am asking you seriously, Roswaal, so answer me seriously in return]

[Roswaal: …...My~ it seem Emilia-sama is in an especially bad mood. Bu~~t considering where we are, there’s no avo~iding it perhaps]

 Even Subaru felt that something was out of place when he heard Emilia’s relentless, inquisitive tone, and it was at the same moment, that Roswaal pointed this out. Emilia slightly angled up her eyebrows, but, realizing that what he had pointed out was true, she lightly bit her lip. 

[Emilia: I’m feeling listless, I can’t calm down at all. What is this place? Even though it’s called the “Sanctuary”, I don’t think that’s what it is at all. This place is……]

[Roswaal: “A Witch’s Graveyard”, that’s an easier name to acce~~pt, no?]


The tone of Roswaal's voice dropped as he pronounced these words. The same words from Garfiel being uttered in Roswaal's mouth, the phrase suddenly took on a sense of some deep and sonorous meaning. 

Swiftly, Emilia shot her gaze toward Subaru. Seeing the complex tangle of emotions in her eyes, Subaru lowered his chin in a nod, in tune with her unease.

[Subaru: Hold on, let’s get everything we want to ask in order first. If we go on like this, the conversation is only going to drift all over, and we won’t get a single conclusion out of him]

[Roswaal: Ooh~ yaaa? In the short time we haven’t seen each o~ther, you’ve gotten quite good at se~ttling accounts, no? Subaru-kun, just wha~t could have brought on this change in your state of mi~nd?] 

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