Re:Zero Arc 4 Chapter 8[The Long-Awaited Reunion]: Page #10
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[Subaru: If we’re going to get into that it’ll take a really long time, so I’ll leave the bragging for after we’ve heard everything we want to know. Ah, right, there was just this one thing...]

Staring at Roswaal’s mocking smile, Subaru lifted up a finger,

[Subaru: We’ve established the alliance with Crush-san, but you must have already heard it from Ram... you’re glad you left me behind, aren’t you?]

[Roswaal: ――Ve~ry glad. A~~fter all, I was right to have picked you up]

Seeing Roswaal relax the corner of his lips with satisfaction, Subaru sighed and closed his eyes. Subaru had anticipated this, but the fact remains, his actions were exactly as Roswaal planned. Even if he had already allowed himself to be used, it still wasn’t fun to hear the confirmation.

Anyway, Subaru arranged his next thought,

[Subaru: Firstly then, the villagers of Arlam village. Since Ram is safe, they must be fine as well, and all evacuated safely, right?]

[Roswaal: You can rest assu~~red. Perhaps my current state doesn’t give me much credibility but, I sti~~ll know my respo~nsibilities as Lord. To risk my life to protect my subjects, I too have that revolve. I’ve seen to it that everyone’s sheltered in the village’s cathedral]

[Subaru: Cathedral… Ah, we can get back to that later, so the next thing is……]

 He was relieved to confirm the villagers’ safety. Subaru had only made the decision to evacuate, and made the preparations beforehand, so whether they were safe in the end was the final concern left over from the previous loops. ――Because no matter what, a part of that could no longer be redone. 

Relaxing his shoulders, Subaru gave Emilia a look. Receiving it, she gently inclined her head, drawing back her slender chin,

[Emilia: Tell me about this place. You call it Sanctuary, but Garfiel calls it “The Witch of Greed’s Graveyard”. Just which one is true?]

[Roswaal: Both are true, Emilia-sama. This is the site of the once-Witch of Greed’s  ――Echidna’s final resting place. And to me personally, it is a place that should called Sanctuary]

[Subaru: ――Witch]

[Emilia: Echidna……]

Hearing his answer, Subaru and Emilia’s throats clogged up.

Roswaal spoke quietly, and all of the clownish demeanor he had been using until now had all vanished from his voice. Precisely because of this, for the first time, his words carried an unmistakable flavor of honesty. 

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