Re:Zero Arc 4 Chapter 8[The Long-Awaited Reunion]: Page #11

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Drawing a deep breath, Emilia blinked a few times, and continued,

[Emilia: The Witch of Greed…...was another Witch who was annihilated by the Witch of Envy, wasn’t she]

[Roswaal: E~n, that is right. No matter where you look in the history of the current world, nothing remains of her name anymore. Only, except in the memories of those who knew her...]

[Subaru: Wait wait wait, but what you just said makes no sense]

Subaru interrupted Roswaal’s solemn words with a quick wave of his hand. Roswaal narrowed his single eye, gazing into Subaru, who was little by little succumbing to the pressure of his aura.

[Subaru: If I remember correctly, the Witch of Greed…...was defeated by the Witch of Envy 400 years ago. This place being the final resting place of the Witch from 400 years ago might be understandable…… but what you’re saying is that you knew her in person, but that’s just...]

[Roswaal: I kno~w this myself, bu~t I’m afraid I can’t say. Because this is pa~ssed down verbally through generation after generation of the Mathers family…...only to the heir of Roswaal]

[Emilia: Passed down verbally…… then the head of the Mathers family of long ago was once connected to the Witch of Greed?]

[Roswaal: ――Echidna]

[Emilia: Eh?]

Suddenly, hearing the name brought up, Emilia’s eyes opened wide. Roswaal turned his gaze towards her, and, as if to confirm once more, quietly whispered [Echidna],

[Roswaal: Ple~ase call her by name, when refe~rring to her. A title like “The Witch of Greed”, no matter you how say it, carries an evil impression about it, do~~n’t you think? And it’s so long, too...]

[Emilia: I see. So then, Echidna met her end in this village, and this village has then been managed by the Mathers family for generation after generation…... is that right?]

[Roswaal: E~n, that’s correct. Though managing implies more hands on work tha~n there is. Echidna’s influence remains thickly here, and without the proper steps, it’d be impossible to set foot in here. The fact that you were able to enter…… must be thanks to Frederica’s assistance, isn’t that so?] 

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