Re:Zero Arc 4 Chapter 8[The Long-Awaited Reunion]: Page #12
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Receiving a nod of affirmation in return, a sense of understanding emerged in Roswaal’s eyes. Seeing this, Subaru pursued the topic,

[Subaru: I understand this is Echidna’s grave, and under your management. But what I don’t understand is its purpose, and why you and the villagers haven’t returned yet]

[Roswaal: I may have just said some strange things, bu~~t you seem to have accepted them quite rea~dily. The fact that this is a Witch’s Graveyard, I~~ had really wanted to keep that a secret...]

[Subaru: Maybe if it was the Witch of Envy, but I really have no idea what the Witch named Echidna had done. Just the word “Witch” immediately gives the impression of some kind of villain. But then it’s the same thing with “Half-Elf”, and who could have guessed that Emilia-tan is so cute just from that word?]

[Emilia: …...D, d-don’t say irrelevant things like that. Surprise-attacks are off limits you know!]

Hearing the pick-up line casually inserted into the end of that otherwise serious sentence, Emilia, whose face had turned bright red, lightly yanked at the side of Subaru’s waist. Subaru smiled wryly at her totally cute retaliation, but then, he noticed Roswaal in the corner of his eyes giving off a rather annoying laugh [Oho~],

[Roswaal: In the sho~~rt time you’ve spent apart, you’ve grown quite a bit closer, ha~ven’t you. After leaving with that fight in the Capital, I was wondering just what would happen, but it seems now it's even better than befo~~re]

[Subaru: That’s the love received at the end of a long and arduous journey, you know! There’s a mountain of things I can brag about, but let’s leave that for after you’ve finished answering our questions. So, what is the purpose of this place, and why haven’t you returned]

[Roswaal: It seems you aren’t the naive child anymore, and has become quite dependable indeed. So~~ then, the re~ason the villagers and I have not returned…… simply put, we can't return even if we wa~~nted to]

[Subaru: Can't return even if you wanted to?]

Unable to understand his answer, Subaru furrowed his brows.

Roswaal nodded, smiling at the question mark emerging on Subaru’s face, and said,

[Roswaal: Because right now, every o~~ne of us, and the residents of this village included, are all in something of a state of house-arrest. A~~~nd, from the moment you entered here, it seems you two are also in the sa~~me situation]

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