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Reach 9M Subs! Pro Tips from The King of Random
Hey, patrons!

Today I published two videos.

The first video is the one that's above here. It's an interview with Grant Thompson of The King of Random about how he reached 9M subscribers and his tips for others who want to grow.

These second video is also with Grant. We hear his story of how he hit burnout, overcame it, and is now thriving on YouTube. If you listened to the podcast episode I published earlier this week, you've already heard the full version of that story, just without the visuals we have here.

Those of you who are following along on my experiment of publishing two videos simultaneously and using end screens to drive viewers back and forth, I learned something new today. Some of your subscribers who get push notifications from your channel will get your videos pushed to them in the form of a playlist. Not a playlist you make on your channel, but a playlist that lets the viewer watch one video after the other. See a screenshot here to see what I mean.

It'll be interesting to see how that impacts watch time on each video and the viewing session overall.

As always, thank you so much for being a patron and supporting my work as I do my best to support yours. I really do appreciate each of you! Let's keep changing lives!