Read Between The Lines (Sketch for April 8th)
Hello again!

I'm still in my "emergency minimum activity." I'm still moving, so I wasn't able to post a custom sketch like I usually do. Right now I don't have a connection, and I'm borrowing a friend's Internet.

Since I'm having a rough time getting back on track, here's a freebie that you won't be charged for. I had to draw it on the go and fold it into my pocket.

If you made a suggestion in the meantime, I'm sorry for the delay and I'll get to look at it later. As always, every topic is open to interpretation.

These sketches are a Patreon premium. This sketch is first posted here and only here for roughly a month or about four weeks for my supporters, then I will let others see it here and elsewhere.

I want to fill up my Patreon profile page with stuff to encourage new support, like the way brick-and-motar stores still put their stuff in the front window.

The money I get is used to keep my comics updating on my website, and updates will be posted every week. Right now I have a backlog of pages, and every new page I add every week is placed on the stack, ready to be revealed in turn.

Thanks for your support! Every little bit helps!

Just a reminder: I now have an e-mail newsletter! To encourage people to join in, I'm giving away three completed comics from earlier projects!

And...uh, are you still there?