LIVESTREAM ANNOUNCEMENT: What should I play this weekend? I'll be streaming on (yes it all has to be lower case or it doesn't work) SAT. 2:30-4:00 and SUN. 12:45-2:15 if you'd like me to sing to you! Fire off any requests or suggestions in the comments here! 

SHOULD I SUMMARIZE: Do you want a summary of all the post highlights? Would that help? How often? Are you reading these things? Am I posting too much? please heart this post if you read it...

THE CBM MERCH: It's so awesome to see some of you sharing pictures of your CBM stickers as sent out in the mail! Thank you all for responding last week so I could send you those!! It makes my heart happy! 

SSBTS (super secret behind the scenes): The behind the scenes video editing has been INTENSE! I think I'm getting close. Meanwhile, work on the song continues, but it is also getting close. It's such a HUGE effort and long process. As is most anything worthwhile, I suppose. 

Lyrics for Raindogs: and up are going to be different this round as well, because I have a series to share :D except one of the versions ran off, hopefully I will find it again soon.

OK! Just those few questions for you and a quick video share from my pal in the songwriting class I mentioned a few times the past year - he's new to Patreon and made a really cool video that I appreciate so much for it's clear description of what we do. My path is a bit different from his, but we overlap a lot. Thought you might enjoy it.