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Reading And The Reformation
This mini-series on literacy and the Christian Reformation may seem a bit odd given my recent production. But in many ways it is quite consistent. Part 2 next Tuesday may make this clearer. Over the past couple months I've dealt with literally hundreds of comments insisting that the only thing we need to know about Islam is a set of 1400 year old scriptures. Over and over, I've pointed out that what matters isn't what those words say, but what people make of them. Most of the Muslim world is half a century into the era of mass literacy, and some countries are only a few decades in. People are just beginning to decide for themselves what their religion means. So I thought it was worthwhile to go back and look at how religion and literacy have intertwined in European history. Also, Martin Luther kicked off the Reformation 500 years ago this year, and I'd never forgive myself for not documenting my love/hate relationship with that peculiar and on-going historical episode... Let me know what you think!