Reading reversed
I don't typically read reversed cards.  I'm not opposed to it, and sometimes I do consider which cards are reversed and add that information into my understanding of what the cards mean.

I think one of the main reasons why I don't typically use reversed meanings is that so many reversals utilize the most basic cut and dry meanings and then just invert them for the reversal.  This tends to lead to certain cards being 'good' or 'bad' (or all upright cards being read as 'good' while inverted cards are read as 'bad').  And in my world, things are never that black and white.

I don't think that any card has such a clear and static meaning.  For me, the cards are very fluid and often have layers of meaning.  Not only that, but a quality in one situation might be more positive, while the same quality in another situation might be disasterous.  

And, I read runes as well as cards.  I have runes on stones, staves and dice....none of which have clear upright/reversed positions based on how I read them.  My stones and staves I tend to toss, so they can land any which way.  I use my rune dice every morning for a daily rune draw, and they can come up facing upright, reversed or sideways.  And some runes are symetrical on one or more axis.  Take Gebo, which looks like an X.  It's the same on any of the four major directions (so on a dice face, it will always look the same), so there is no need to have reversed readings for many of the runes.

When I was younger, in an art class, we had a challenge where the teacher turned the picture we were to draw upside down and told us to draw it that way.  The idea was that you stoped seeing the image itself and just saw the shapes that made it up, so you focused on drawing the shapes and not on drawing what you thought a 'hand' looked like.  Which was a real struggle for me, as I could easily see the image even upside down.  I had taught myself to read upside down and mirrored writing (because I was obsessed with spys when I was little), so had trained my brain to turn things around as needed.  I think this also plays into why I don't feel a need for reversed meanings of cards.

I also dislike that I can often tell ahead of time whether a card will be upright or reversed because the back of the cards have a top and bottom.  I am much more likely to keep decks like that all upright, because it is easy to scan the backs and turn them all the same way.

There is absolutely nothign wrong with reading reversed cards and many readers do so!  There is also nothign wrong with never reading reversed cards....and many readers do so!  I think it comes down to what you feel is right and what you are comfortable with.  I do think it's easier to start reading everything as upright, and when you are comfortable with that, you can start playing around with reversals and seeing what you think about them.

When I do read reversed cards, I tend to think of reversals as the energy of the card being blocked or altered in some way.  It may not be a true inverse of how I would interpret an upright card.  I often feel like a reversed card is an indication of energies that aren't flowing properly.  A reversed strength may indicate someone who has great strength but is afraid to use it or someone who isn't aware of the strength they have inside of them.  It could also mean this is a situation where using your strength might cause trouble.

I definitely think that thinking about what a reversal might mean to a card is a great exercise.  It helps you to think about not only how the card could be a benefit but also a downfall (or for the case of cards that typically represent more negative energies, figuring out how those things might actually be good or helpful).

Do you read reversed cards?  How do you typically interpret a card reversal?