Ready for ponycons
Some of you all may have notice i wasn't as active as i used to be. well a few reasons to that.

First, I have a baby crow to take care of recently, and it take a lot of day time. 

Second, there was a bad new in our family and i had to stop a bit my activities to support everyone...

But mostly, I wanted to kick my butt and i managed to finish ALL your commissions! And what a relief!!! I'm so so glad! And now i'm printing everything i need to get ready for the summer ponycons in Europe!

Bastion Brony at Laon - France 30th June to 1st July
Galacon in Deutchland in July

UK ponycon in october!

It takes a lot of my time right now and i'm both excited and nervous! Hope i'll see you there!

Alsoi'll take a mounth off (most half july and august) to rest and take time for my loved ones. Don't worry i'll still work ^^, i just won't post everything right away.