Ready for Launch
Five hours. Five hours of sleep is all I could muster. At 6:30am my brain started whirring and whizzing like an old Commodore 64 booting up. I was awake and there was no way I would be going back to sleep. Not anytime soon, anyway. The day has arrived. In just a few hours I'll be pulling up stakes and leaving sleepy little Scottsville for good. This afternoon marks the beginning of a trip 3 years in the planning. I can't hardly believe it. It will all sink in once I complete my checklists and strap in to that captain's chair. First stop is Cumberland, MD for DelFest 2016. I'll be working security for the bluegrass festival until Saturday. Then it's a quick hop to central Maryland to meet a few people before heading south to pick Izzy back up and then off to the beach. I want Izzy to dip her paws in the Atlantic before the Pacific, after all. 5....4....3....2....1...liftoff!! Keep up with us via!!