Ready to Proof new Woodblock

Hi Patrons,

I'm so excited to proof my freshly carved woodblocks tomorrow. These are six blocks for an eight color woodblock print depicting the Inari stone sculptures found at Shinto Shrines across Japan.

This is a new series for me, and I'm still working out visual aesthetics.The series is about staying focused and not straying off your current path (career, artistic, or otherwise). Inari, in Japanese folklore, are messengers between the human world and the spirit world, and are also tricksters. They enjoy leading men astray and stalking their money (often by shapeshifting into beautiful women). I visualize this series as a walk through a forest, and encountering stone Inari sculptures.

Because the series is new, I'm still working out visual aesthetics. The prints in the final series will look different than the first initial works. That's how a series develops over time!