Real and political hurricanes
Episode 879   It seems like every time a hurricane comes along, everyone goes crazy, it's almost like this is the first one ever.  Real hurricanes have been happening since the begging of recorded history.  Yet folks who live in the hurricane prone areas of the country are never prepared for them.  We some times get powerful remnants of hurricanes in the Central Susquehanna Valley here in PA.  And even here folks freak out and make a run on the stores for all sorts of supplies they should already have.

 Political hurricanes are no different.  Folks go crazy over their favorite pet peeve or government program when they are threatened with change or abolishment. If Americans just studied their Constitutions a little harder, they would know that most of what government today does is unconstitutional.  However because of the willful ignorance of the American people all sorts of nonsense gets voted in as law that violates folks freedoms and liberties, that when right thinking folks speak out about the constitutionality of a law or policy, people go crazy for no good reason.

 Nature does a good enough job of creating hurricanes without us adding to them.  If we would just follow the Constitution and contain the federal government, the only hurricanes we would have to deal with are natural ones!!!