The Real Fn' Review! DARK SOULS 3!
By GhostKnight

                 *NOTE: So, this review comes from the point of view of a person who just started playing the Dark Souls (franchise) games, and Dark Souls was the (first) game in the series I’ve completed. I started as a NG and invaded as much as I could, and got invaded a lot and for most of the game I was a blue spirit (at times it can be annoying trust me).

    Dark Souls III as a whole is just amazing- the graphics are just beautiful, and the scenery is awe-inspiring: the armor, weapons, spells, enemies- everything as a whole was well thought out, and the finished product is something the creators (FromSoftware) can be proud of. 

    The story is engaging, and being able to pick from four different ending(s) gives you a sense of control, to the aspect of “how do I want the game to end?” Which is pretty awesome but, there is more! The interesting part (as far as ending goes) is what is good, and what is bad is wholly up to the players to decide. The game itself is not easy to complete, it’s a Souls game - need I say more?  In the words of Dark Souls- “get gud”.

  I personally spent hours just trying to get through one area getting all the loot I could find, and killing everything over and over again to farm souls. As most players
do, I just died a lot and spent a full hour being super careful so I could get
back to collect my souls: because once they’re gone they’re gone, and really
who wants to lose 50K souls- I know I don’t. So once I finished the area, and was thinking “ok, I got through it, finally. Now I just need to get to the next bonfire, and I’m good”, or you think there might be a boss coming up, and you have 80K souls, so do you go back and spend, or fight the boss? Well, that’s where it all went bad, of
course my pride kicks in and I choose to fight the boss, what’s the worst that
will come from fighting said boss? What do you think happened? (Yep, I died, of
course I died.) Then you die (just like I did) and now you are stuck in the
loop- You have to kill this boss to get your souls back. So what’s one to do?
You spend hours figuring out this bosses pattern when you can attack, parry
windows, backstab points etc, and after three hours of one boss fight you just
complete lost your mind and you hate the game, and are screaming and raging at
it. Then you win and kill the boss, which makes it all worth it. Then you maybe
don’t hate Dark Souls as much as you thought you did.

That feeling pretty much sums up Dark Souls, dying time after time- losing your souls, and then dying before you can get those souls you just lost back. That soul crushing feeling of “I just lost 100k plus souls, I don’t even know what do with my life now”, all that goes away and gets replaced with pure joy, you throw your hands up scream out “yes,” or “fuck you,” or whatever you say when you beat that boss, that rollercoaster of hatred and love, that’s dark souls for you. Yes, Dark
is lots of suffering, raging, crying, and trying to not destroy your
controllers- mostly “what the fuck is that?” or “how the hell do I even?” or my
favorite “just no, fuck that no no no no no, I’m out screw this shit.” There’s
also the obligatory “that’s BS! How the hell did that hit me? I dodged that!”
or “oh great, I’m being invaded now,  perfect timing asshole”, another personal
favorite of mine “alright, beat the area moving on, it can’t get worse than
that” and then you see two giant two NPC dual-wielding, and about 6 assholes on
the next level shooting fire balls that stagger you, and you’re just like “really??
REALLY?”-then you remember the saying “get gud” and you charge in, throwing
everything to the wind, and probably end up dying but, that’s Dark Souls for you, so you get back up go get your souls and try again till you win. 

Dark souls 3 hands down has the hardest boss fights I have ever done (and I have played Bloodborne and Destiny’s raid bosses). Dark Souls, these bosses are just difficult- like I said earlier, I have personally spent hours trying to kill just ONE boss: one justs keep trying, until they are in tears, then during one fight everything just clicks, and you’re like “ok, I got this. He’s down to half HP, things are starting to look up” the Dark Souls laughs in your face: the boss screams out, or his eye
start glowing, or he changes forms (sword lights on fire, ECT). That’s when you
know things are getting serious, because now you have to learn a different
pattern, after all that work. That hard fight, the one you thought you had down
is now different (because they “evolved”); the boss become more aggressive, hits
harder, or has status affects that are just a pain in the ass, or they get (op)
magic to their attacks- and it’s back to the same shit from before, you get to
learn everything over again (fun!) Dark Souls 3 bosses are meant to be had, but they are also fun because learning their move sets and figuring how to beat them is some of the most fun I have ever had gaming. The areas in between bosses are no joke either, I died more in the world than I did on bosses- which you would think that’s backwards, right?  Nope, not in this game. I died more trying to get to the damn bosses than I did with the bosses themselves. There’s so many fireball bullshit, and things to kill that it really took an effort to make it to the bosses. I got lost many times, and because I wasn’t “gud” I had to turn to YouTube for help. I know, I know it
sounds bad but, watching videos does not prepare you for anything in the game.
You might know what’s coming but, that doesn’t mean you know how to deal with

Overall, Dark Souls 3 is a game that I’ve had some quite the fun time with and one of the most enjoyable games I have played. It is also without a doubt, the hardest game I have ever played. No game has had more “what the fuck moments’ than Dark
. It is a great game that you will spend hours on- and you will either
hate it or love it, but once you beat what is holding you back, you will go
back to loving the game. The scenery is amazing, the gameplay is just in its own
world, you can’t compare it to anything, and the story is engaging. I end with
this you know you have gotten “gud” once nothing can hit you, then and only
then are you gud at Dark Souls.