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Real life? Or memorex?
Are any of you old enough to remember that ad for VHS tape?

That phrase ran through my mind when I popped in to the Patreon app to find that I hadn't posted anything here in so long (if you're reading this and not yet a patron, there *are* more posts that you can't see as a non-patron.)....but I could have sworn I'd chatted with you all!

And that's when I realized real life, travel life, and Periscope are getting jumbled! I've chatted with some of you in person at classes...and others on Periscope. But that's no excuse for missing out on posting on the patron wall!! Even if, in my head, I had kept up here!

So here I am with a nice long catch-up post! I've added the monster wobble card above as your second Patron-supported video because I'm just a lil scared my plan for this week might not work! Longggg story, but my class that's supposed to launch Sunday (tomorrow) may get delayed due to tech difficulties someone else is in charge of; my plan was for Tuesday's video to be the one your gifts support, but I'm in a holding pattern....oy!! Cross your fingers! 

(Ps I can't figure out why the thumbnail has never successfully uploaded for this video either on YT or here! Ugh!)

And since I mentioned Periscope....there's a CRAZY long scope over there that was very interesting for about the first 45 min or so; every other Friday, I do a long business-related chat. This one went far longer than it ever should have, but I've never seen 100+ people stay that long, so I kept going. It's on replay here: But just until this evening. Have food and beverage handy, it's long! Lmk if you have questions I can address in the next biz chat!

I'm hoping once this class launches, and now I'm on my teaching sabbatical, I'll get back on my regular schedule. Whatever regular means!