Realising the Idea
Okay so - I just finished setting up the most basic Patreon page, like, ever.

To be truthful, I don't have a plan at the moment. I'm still trying to 'realise' this idea and figure out a plan. I know the basics; move to Sweden, find a decent bit of land w/ a house on up North, I'm think Boden for now, ensure it has a usable internet connection! Get some more camera gear and finally let work know my plan.

OK so step one; Build out the Patreon! I'll be getting some personal branding to spruce everything up with some wicked logos and nice colours.

Step two; Publish the first YouTube video. It's critical I log my progress on YouTube, along with creating good tutorials on programming. Before I actually start my Devstead adventure, I'll be posting irregular updates on my life, programming, and planning.

And with that little mental update - It's time to get thinking; see you soon world.