Really great work you should check out.

A patron (Ronan - hope it's o.k. I give you the credit?) just sent this Facebook page my way.  The work this woman -- Lola --  is doing is really great and is worth seeing just for inspiration and ideas about how to create lots of different elements.

But it struck home for me personally.  I have started (excruciatingly slowly) a new big project I'll be talking about soon.  (An LOTR themed town and fortress).  It's the most daunting project I have ever attempted, and lately I've been feeling a little nervous about pulling it off.  I'll be creating lots and lots of tiny details and I can only see many of them dimly in my mind. 

Seeing how Lola tackled some of the doors, windows, and dressing was a relief.  Though many of the techniques are not overly complex to pull off, they create a wonderful level of detail and feel.  Sometimes it's a little thing like this that can really re-ignite my confidence and excitement. 

So thank you Ronan, and all of my other patrons (you know who you are) that have been sending me ideas and more.  When I think of how you support me in so many ways, I can't really express how much it means to me.