Really. I don't sell cheaply because I would not think high of my art.

Because I ... I just want to be able to sell my art to people who really love it.

but first I did paint it.. it's watercolour and tea. finished with white and black marker.

It's weirdly pretty and I still don't believe I did it.

The reason why I wanted to write two posts is this.

I am weird... as soon as when I decided that being craftsman-artist is about only thing I can really do and do well.. I have had this.. side  in me that I never have wanted to be rich or famous... I would like to be common artist.. make art for the people. That's why I try to keep my prices down even when people say I should ask more.

It's not that I don't think I'm good and my art is special.. but that I want to sell to the people who REALLY love my art not just.. "that's nice I buy that"- and forget it at home.  I know this is not a real.. business artist style... but I want to be able to bring joy to those who normally can't buy art.

and it work's.. sometimes... I have really young collectors who love my art who'm buy it when ever they can and we might need to do some kind of agreements if they want to get something bigger.. but you know.. almost every time they do come trough and come back for more.

That's the way I want to work.

So please.. when you see how "cheap" I sell my art, jewelry or other crafts.. don't stare the price... if you think it's to low.. you may offer more I don't say no.. but the price is that what I need to get from it.. the hours I've spend, materials and such... Sure I could ask for thousands or millions for it.. but... I'm not that kind of man or never will be.. maybe some grandchildren of mine can ask more of my art someday in future but I'm more happy to bring my art to the people who really want and need it.