Really Still in Shock, RIP Prince
Gosh, I've always loved Prince's music since the first moment I heard it.  

Genius.  Innovator.  Unique.  Strong.  Enigmatic.

I don't really know what to say.  I'm still in shock really.  So many beautiful tributes going on.  I don't know what I have to add to the conversation.

I really wish I could have gotten into the City to be at Spike Lee's block party.  Props to Spike.  He had the right idea:  to celebrate and laugh and cry and dance and sing.  

I started to say, "That is what Prince would have wanted," but I actually don't believe Prince would have had us do anything but process this news in our own unique, individual ways...  Bless him.

I'm  really emotionally exhausted by this run of tremendous musicians returning to Eternity.

Yesterday, I was working on a medley I am trying to put together of a David Bowie song and a Merle Haggard song to play at my next show as a tribute to those great artists when I came inside and got the news of Prince's death.

I listen to Prince's song, "Cream" every day as part of my getting pumped up routine.  He is and will continue to be a part of my daily life.  I was working on learning that song, too.

So, now I am learning Prince's song, "Kiss," and I may add my own song, "Kaleidoscope Angel" (about losing someone to addiction) to my set let for my upcoming show on April 30 at 7:30 at the Alphabet Lounge.

It deeply saddens me to hear the news that he may have received treatment for a drug overdose just days before his death.  I just hope that news is wrong or that it was accidental over-medication from prescription drugs.  It would just hurt too much to think of Prince as a drug abuser.

He did not seem like a tortured soul.  It would be sad to discover that he actually was.

In any event, RIP Prince.  You are a part of us all.  Your music is a part of all our musical hearts.

Today my heart beats with the Power of Purple and is stained with the tears I was too shocked to shed yesterday.

Love and Peace.