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Realm Overworld - Spirit Tracks (Guitar Cover)
Hey everyone! :) New video!

So this one was requested by Sanjesh and is one of my favorite Zelda Overworld themes!

I really loved the DS Zelda games as a kid. I know a lot of people actually disliked them for not being a traditional 2D Zelda but I personally had a very good time with those games. Being able to write on your map and use both screens to solve puzzles was just so great to me.

The sountracks for those games are very good even though they might not be as memorable as other games. I thought about covering Realm Overworld a few times in the past but for some reason, I didn't know how I wanted to arrange it.

I am glad to finally release this cover and also thought it would be fun to use a different ocarina for this one to give it a bit more of a celtic tone! :)

Have a fantastic day,

- Gab