Still playing around with death/reanimation themes.  8.5"x11", about 23 hours

Watercolor with acryla-gouache, flashe vinyl paint*, and a little white gel pen and colored pencil on acid free art board.

*I use flashe vinyl paint in payne's grey for under painting my shadows, it's quite similar to acryla gouache and comes in decent sized containers. I use payne's grey for most of my shadows.

8"x10" reduced price preorder prints are available:

I'll have some 11"x14" test prints made up soon, I'm going to try something new so I'm talking to a local print shop.

"Fairies come from a chaotic realm brimming with life force; flora and fauna materialize into existence for no apparent reason, mutate randomly, or vanish without warning. Floating islands, forests with no floor, a sky that changes color, walking mountains. Portals open and close, or change destination. 

Maps and compasses are useless, and a Fae guide who knows how to follow Ley Lines and other (more stable) features of their world is a necessary traveling companion. They don't offer their services cheaply, and good luck finding someone trustworthy. Humans and other non native are cautioned against staying for long, short trips are invigorating and can cure disease, injury, and can even reverse some of the detrimental effects of aging, but the longer the stay, the less predictable the effect on the body. It's best if you leave before you grow an extra limb or spontaneously turn into a flock of birds.

They find it difficult to sympathize with mortal views on life and death, or our natural affinity for order and reason. They're not evil creatures, but living in constant chaos where the consequences of one's actions can be unpredictable enough to feel almost irrelevant, has left them with a pretty loose to non existent moral code."

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