Reaper Bones Review: Warg (****)
The first time I painted this miniature I let my six-year-old daughter do it, which is how it ended up bright blue with a pink tail.  On a second pass I decided to make it look like a winter wolf, with gray fur and a white coat.  

Wargs come from Tolkien's works, intelligent wolf-like mounts for goblins.  Thanks to legal threats from Tolkien's estate, wargs become D&D's "worgs." The difference is cosmetic.  

This warg miniature is a little too large for a 2-inch base, but the sculpt is excellent. This is essentially a large wolf figure -- there's nothing unusual about it beyond its large size -- that takes on a new character by its paint job.  Paint it red and it's a hell hound, paint it white and it's a winter wolf, paint it gray and it's a warg/worg.

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