Reaper Bones Review: Dub Bullock, Rogue (**)

I really wanted to love this sculpt. Dub Bullock looks like he's normally a nice guy, but someone pushed him over the edge, and now his hair is a mess and he's about to correct all that with his fists (or the dagger behind his back).  The problem is how it converted to bonesium.

As you can see, there's a wicked seam running the length of his protruding finger. Normally these types of issues aren't a big deal because they're not the focus of the sculpt, but in this case Dub's gesturing finger is part of its charm. As you can see in the mirror behind him, Dub's got a dagger he's holding at the ready. It's an awesome pose, a great sculpt in metal, and not nearly as great in bonesium. 

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